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The goals and foresight which our founders envisioned and truly believed in from the inception, was to be able to better the living conditions of our tenants on the properties we acquire and to be able to add amenities that they can use on a daily basis. Such as: a gym to work out in, a business center to do their work or homework, a clubhouse to host family events, a playground to let their kids enjoy and the list goes on and on.

Our tenants, who pay our bills and give us our jobs, have the right to come home after a long day of work or wake up to begin their day and feel safe and proud of where they live. They should be happy to call one of EEG Management’s properties their home. We want our tenants who are the most crucial part of our properties to be able to have friends and relatives come by and visit, spend time with their family members and again, be proud of where they live.

EEG Management properties are where we want our residents to proudly say, “This is where I grew up as a child,” or “This is the best place to raise our children.” This is our mission. This is what an EEEG Management Property is about.

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